WELCOME... ...to a world of bright students and working professionals...

The Department of Engineering and Technology Management has been committed to the ideals of engineering and technology management education throughout its history. We believe our the best-of-two-worlds approach is the best foundation for an increasingly technology-driven world. We educate students how to create value through engineering and technology, while giving them a sound management education. Here are some additional reasons to choose ETM:

  • The academic achievements of our students and faculty place ETM among the most prestigious programs of this kind.
  • ETM belongs to an elite group of technology management programs that set direction for TM discipline and its education models.
  • You will tailor your coursework and degree to fit your specific career needs, choosing from 150+ approved electives offered throughout the university in addition to the 40+ ETM courses.
  • ETM is located at the heart of the Silicon Forest, right in vibrant downtown Portland, Oregon.
  • ETM is recognized for combining excellence in teaching and practical applications.
  • You will work with numerous project teams in diverse classes meeting at convenient class times.
  • With full respect for your personality and needs, our faculty will coach you patiently towards your personal goals.
  • The ETM 'community' members come from all over the world.


Choose from these academic programs and degrees:

  • Ph.D. in Technology Management
  • Master of Science (M.S.) in Engineering and Technology Management
  • Graduate Certificates in:
    • New Product Development Management
    • Technology Management
    • Strategic Management of Technology
    • Technology Entrepreunership
    • Project Management
  • Dual degree options:   
    • M.S. in Engineering and Technology Management and M.S. in another Engineering discipline
    • M.S. in Engineering and Technology Management and an MBA
    • M.S. in Engineering and Technology Management and M.S. in other disciplines offered at PSU.