Who Attends ETM

The ETM student profile:

  • Most ETM students hold at least one degree in engineering-related disciplines.
  • 20% have a Master’s or Ph.D in their technical specialties.
  • 65% are employed full time, and pursue their studies part-time.
  • 35% are full-time students.
  • ETM students’ ages range from 24 to 58.
  • The average student age is about 32.
  • The average work experience is 7 years.
  • The job titles of those employed in the industry span from the level of "president" or "CEO" to "engineer", "researcher", or "programmer."

Quotes from students:

"As an experienced Engineering Manager, I found ETM program to be rigorous enough to cause me to build my analytical toolkit, focused enough to allow me to devote precious time to topics that matter, and provocative enough to shake me loose from the approaches I had learned "on the job". I came away from the program with a set of procedures to approach management tasks with a greatly enhanced systematic view of engineering and technical leadership."

 Tim Bennington-Davis, Engineering Manager in Wireless Communications, Tektronix, Inc.


"As a computer engineer, I did not want to take on technical positions my whole life. I like the technology field and I want to be involved in management rather than just implementing and maintaining systems. The ETM program taught me how to manage in a next-generation environment with the appropriate methodologies you need. Unlike the management field in a typical MBA program, we participated in studies that didn’t make you lose your ground in engineering."

Chanikarn Watanakithavonkul, Services Marketing Specialist,
Product Support Services Department, IBM Thailand

"I was a student in a class that unleashed tremendous creative energy for the disciplines of Engineering and Technology Management and business. What happened to me during the class was that I gathered the theories discussed, looked at trends in my industry and came up with a business plan to use the Internet as a component to distribute remote compression monitoring. The class was the inspiration for my entrepreneurial outlook and gave me the insight to look at larger trends while grounding me in solid project management skills." (Note: Tim Dugan developed a business plan for a new venture in an ETM class and received venture capital funding for his initiative).

Tim Dugan, P.E., Chief Engineer, SAV-AIR