The Department of Engineering and Technology Management

Engineering and Technology Management (ETM) has earned a reputation of providing students with the best of both worlds - a firm foundation in the creation of value through engineering and technology combined with a sound management education. This integrated learning experience enables you to deliver effectively in the rapidly changing and complex world of engineering technology, while at the same time providing you with a broad knowledge for making and implementing decisions necessary for leadership, on both strategic and operational level. You will also develop a high-powered affinity for sound judgment, strong performance ethic, and life-long learning.


ETM's core requirements cover the critical areas of technical management, while enabling the students to maintain identity in their technologies. Emphasizing the value of technology, analytical decision-making, group project work, and people skills, the curriculum is designed to equip the student with a resilient base of engineering and technology management competencies. Also it helps to identify the options - the particular areas that the students wish to master more extensively. The Department of Engineering and Technology Management offers degrees in two PhD programs, a Master of Science degree and five Graduate Certificates tailored to the needs of engineers, technologists, and scientists.


We want to be clear: Today's engineering and technology management students are tomorrow's engineering and technology leaders. At the Department of Engineering and Technology Management we are serious about leadership and we are uniquely positioned to educate a new generation of such leaders. ETM's international visibility, meticulously designed programs, and one of the most livable locations in the U.S. offer students advantages rarely available elsewhere.