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Ask Professor Sybil Kelley
Ask Professor Sybil Kelley

Sybil Kelley, PhD, is an assistant professor of science education and sustainable systems in the Leadership for Sustainability Education program in the Educational Leadership and Policy department. In addition, she teaches the elementary science methods course for the Graduate Teacher Education Program (GTEP) in the Curriculum and Instruction Department.

Dr. Kelley completed her doctorate in environmental science and management at PSU with a research focus on teaching and learning science. She earned her master of science teaching from the Center for Science Education at PSU. Throughout both programs, she worked closely with school and community-based partners to improve educational opportunities for underserved schools and neighborhoods in North and Northeast Portland. She has over 15 years experience working with teachers and students in schools and informal science settings.

This work has included providing leadership and service to community-based organizations, developing programming and educational partnerships, and teaching elementary through postsecondary levels in multiple contexts. One example of her work is the Emerson Street Garden in King Neighborhood which she started in 1995. This small, urban garden is becoming a model for community-based gardening, education, and leadership development.

Dr. Kelley’s research interests focus on the roles that educational partnerships can play in supporting science literacy for all learners, particularly teachers and K-12 students. She is also interested in how systems—educational and food systems, in particular—can be redesigned and restructured to build a sustainable future.

Sybil Kelley, PhD
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