PACE Master's Degree - Training and Development Theme

This theme was designed by educators and Training and Development professionals using the American Society for Training and Development's "Models of Excellence." The program is designed to meet the needs of educators who work in the business community or government agencies as trainers, training managers, training consultant, teachers, human resource and staff development personnel, and management development consultants.

Students wishing to specialize in Training and Development must complete the PACE core courses, culminating experience, and 25 additional credits (see Program of Study page). Contact us at to see how courses apply toward the four Training & Development Certificates of Completion.

These courses are highly recommended:

  • ELP 521 Adult Learning and Motivation 
  • ELP 529 Principles of Training & Development* 
  • ELP 530 Course Design and Evaluation* 

These courses are complementary to the recommended courses, although you may choose electives outside of the theme, including outside of the ELP department:

  • ELP 510 Developing Intercultural Competence for Trainers 
  • ELP 510 Methods and Models for Intercultural Training 
  • ELP 531 Contemporary Issues in Training and Development 
  • ELP 532 Training Methods 
  • ELP 539 Developing Training Materials 

*Pre-requisite for other Training and Development courses.