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Initial Administrator License (IAL) - Program of Study

IAL cohort curriculum (24 credits)

The IAL cohort program begins fall term (late August) and ends spring term (mid-June). All newly admitted students must agree to complete the entire program even though they may have already completed courses with numbers or titles similar to those required.

Direct instruction and group problem-solving assignments will be completed throughout the year, commencing fall term. In addition, each cohort member completes a full-year guided administrative practicum.


These courses must be completed prior to beginning the cohort for a total of 8 credits:

  • ELP 569 Introduction to Educational Administration (4) — Offered Winter, Spring, and Summer terms
  • ELP 511 Principles of Educational Research and Data Analysis (4) or an equivalent course* — Offered every term

*If you have previously completed a graduate-level research course in your master's program, it may qualify for substitution of this research credit. To have a course substituted for a prerequisite requirement you must submit a Petition for Course Substitution and indicate which course you believe is comparable, provide an official transcript and also a syllabus or catalog description of the course taken. Many universities provide this information on their website. COURSES OLDER THAN 10 YEARS DO NOT QUALIFY. Please include this paperwork with your application.

The IAL program requires the completion of at least 32 credits. This includes:  

  • IAL Prerequisites (8 Credits)
  • IAL Cohort Program (24 credits)

IAL program of study

Fall term (8 credits)

  • ELP 571 Teaching, Learning and Curriculum (4)
  • ELP 573 Educational Leadership Project I (1)
  • ELP 509 Practicum: IAL (3)

Winter term (8 credits)

  • ELP 572 Human Resource Development and Organizational Change (4)
  • ELP 574 Educational Leadership Project II (1)
  • ELP 509 Practicum: IAL (3)

Spring term (8 credits)

  • ELP 570 Human Relations and Educational Foundations (4)
  • ELP 575 Educational Leadership Project III (1)
  • ELP 509 Practicum: IAL (3)

The IAL administrative practicum

The 360-hour field-based practicum is the equivalent of working 120 hours per quarter or 12 hours per week in a building-level or district/agency administrative capacity. During the practicum, the administrative intern seeks opportunities to develop fully as an educational leader and to acquire proficiency in the seven areas of administrative responsibility as outlined by TSPC's Performance Standards.