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Continuing Administrator License (CAL) - Program of Study

CAL curriculum (28 credits)

The program requires the completion of 28 credits.*  This includes:

  • CAL licensure courses (24 credits)
  • Electives (4 credits)

Prior admission to the Continuing Administrator License program is recommended before registering for any of these courses.

CAL program of study

CAL courses (24 credits)

  • ELP 576 Education, Community and Society (4)
  • ELP 577 District and School Staff Supervision and Evaluation (4)
  • ELP 578 Communication and Conflict Management in Educational Organizations (4)
  • ELP 579 Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment Leadership (4)
  • ELP 580 District Policy, Operations, Facilities and Finance (4)
  • ELP 581 U.S. and Oregon School Law and Policy (4)

CAL electives (4 credits)

Students need four credits of ELP 506, including a 30-hour district-level practicum for the CAL license. Electives may be completed as a regularly scheduled graduate-level course or as an independent project. The CAL special topics change frequently.

  • ELP 506 Special Topics: Administration (4)
  • ELP 506 CAL Elective: Independent Project (1-4)

ELP 506 Special Topics and Independent Project courses must focus on issues of district-level administration and reflect the TSPC Continuing Licensure standards including a 30-hour field-based project. Independent Project courses must be approved and designed according to the Independent Project Guidelines available through a faculty advisor or the Program Coordinator, Tania McKey, at 503-725-9658 or

Each course has an integrated 30-hour district-focused field-based project. Instructors for each course will provide guidelines for these projects. A Field-Based Project Form must be completed for each course and submitted to the instructor. This form will be added to the student's permanent record through Tk20.

*It is possible to substitute program courses based on past experience and study. However, the 28-credit requirement must still be met. To have a course substituted for a CAL requirement, you must submit a Petition for Course Substitutionpdf and indicate which course you believe is comparable, provide an official transcript AND also a syllabus or catalog description of the course taken. This process should only be initiated after a faculty advisor has been consulted. Modifications to this program may be made as a result of changes in the Teacher Standards and Practices Commission (TSPC) regulations.