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Admissions and Registration

Certificates of Completion do not require admission to the University or Educational Leadership and Policy dept. Students may register for courses by creating a student account and registering for each course within their priority registration period (priority registration status by term can be found on the PSU Academic Calendar)

There are two steps to creating your PSU student account:

  1. Create your student account - To establish your PSU student account, visit and complete the account generation form. You will be charged a one-time $25 fee, plus $2 for processing, payable online by VISA or MasterCard. 
  2. Set up your PSU Odin credentials - Upon creation of your student account, go to Follow the instructions for completing the student account/ODIN. Once you have finished the OAM process all of your PSU accounts will be synchronized on the PSU portal (myPSU), so that you can obtain grades, make payments, register for classes and use your PSU email. Make sure to either designate a preferred email or forward your email address if you do not plan to check it regularly. Bills and other university communication will be sent to the preferred address on file.

You are ready to register for your course(s). Look up the CRN using the online PSU Class Schedule. Note the CRN. Login to Banweb using your Odin credentials to add/drop courses each term.  

Please note: 

  • Certificates of Completion are not eligible for financial aid
  • Students enrolled as non-degree seeking students may register for up to 8 credits each term during the academic year and 21 credits in the summer
  • PSU requires that all domestic students enrolled in five in-load, non-Restricted Differential Tuition credits or more (1 credit for international students) per term maintain comprehensive health insurance and will be assessed the health fee unless the insurance is waived (one waiver will cover the entire academic year).