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About the LGL Site

The site itself—formerly a dairy farm in the 1950’s— is located in what is now the diverse, working class Brentwood-Darlington neighborhood in southeast Portland. For many years, the site was known as Green Thumb, a high school horticulture training site.

Dozens of garden beds growing vegetables, ornamentals, and fruits speckle the acreage; some of the beds are designated for our Lane Middle School students, others are production beds tended by PSU students or students in the Beginning Urban Farmer Apprenticeship program, and some are part of the Master Gardeners’ demonstration garden.

There are also five large greenhouses on site at LGL, two of which (Greenhouse 3 and 5) are home to Learning Garden Laboratory activities. The greenhouses are the site of a variety of horticultural activities and are where many classes and meetings take place.

The campus of Portland Public School’s Community Transition Center—a post-high school program for students transitioning into the community—is just to the North of the greenhouses on site.

Across the street from LGL is Lane Middle School, a Portland Public School serving grades 6-8, and a Schools Uniting Neighborhoods (SUN) Community School.

The Learning Gardens Lab is located in SE Portland on 60th Ave across from
Brentwood Park between Duke and Flavel.

6801 SE 60th Ave.
Portland, OR 97206 USA

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