About ELP

ELP Department Guiding Principles

  1. We create and sustain educational environments that serve all students and address diverse needs.
  2. We encourage and model exemplary programs and practices across the life span.
  3. We build our programs on the human and cultural richness of the University's urban setting.
  4. We develop collaborative efforts that foster our mission.
  5. We challenge assumptions about our practice and accept the risks inherent in following our convictions.
  6. We develop our programs to promote social justice, especially for groups that have been historically disenfranchised.
  7. We strive to understand the relationships among culture, curriculum, and practice and the long-term implications for ecological sustainability.
  8. We model thoughtful inquiry as a basis for sound decision-making.
  9. We model and facilitate the effective use of technology to increase access to and support for teaching, learning, and research.