Track Course Plans

The requirements of your "track" or "course plan," depend on what "catalog year" (or "bulletin") you are following.  In ECE, your catalog year defaults to the first term you started taking upper division ECE courses, unless you have intentionally chosen an earlier one. You can review PSU's course catalog policy.
Starting Fall 2017, ECE simplified its catalog into a single Electrical Engineering program and a single Computer Engineering program.  These changes were made to create both a more solid foundation and increased flexibility to specialize in your individual interests in ECE.
Students applying for 300-level ECE admission in Fall 2017 or later generally follow these guides:

ECE catalogs before Fall 2017 had eight track-based course plans within Electrical and Computer Engineering.

Students admitted into the ECE upper division for Fall 2016 or earlier generally follow these tracks:

Computer Engineering

Electrical Engineering

The same courses are offered under both the pre- and post-2017 catalog years, but there are some small differences that offer different trade-offs.  The post-Fall 2017 catalogs allow you to pick-and-choose or mix-and-match courses across the different specialties, have a couple fewer elective/writing requirements, and require ECE 211.  The pre-Fall 2017 catalogs do not require ECE 211.

If you have further questions about which catalog year would be best for you, please see your advisor.