Senior Capstone Poster Competition

Poster for the senior capstone competition

The Capstone Poster Competition is held annually near the end of Spring Term.

Link to the capstone site.

Congratulations to the 2020 winners!

Best Project

"Integrating Side Scan Sonar into an Autonomous Underwater Vehicle" sponsored by Maritime Archaeological Society

Grace Semerjian, Jens Evans, Adel Alkharraz, Roman Minko, Colton Bruce, Patrick Hawn, Matthew Moore, David Wendeborn, Jeff Roman

Advised by Martin Siderius

Best Presentation

"Custom Vertical Farming LED Panel" sponsored by NexGarden

Ciera Maiava, Jarred Bunker, Lance Kailiuli, Sarah Mehler, Ngan Ho

Advised by Doug Hall

Most Creative & Imaginative Solution

"Project ODIN II" sponsored by Intel

Abram Fouts, Karla Barraza Lopez, Todd Townsend, Wenhao Cheng, Xuening Jia

Advised by Fu Li

Honorable Mention - Best Project

"Fish Egg Sorter" sponsored by Pimbre, Inc.

Blaine Jemmett, Brigham Webster, Dennis Sorokin, Anthony Warner

Advised by Garrison Greenwood

Best Projects Despite COVID-19

"Nexgarden Smart Relay Board" sponsored by Nexgarden

Tyson Fosdick, Andrew Denzer, Seth Starr, Richard Romano, Matthew Schroeder

Advised by Melinda Holtzman


"High Assurance Controller for Robot" sponsored by Galois, Inc.

Artem Kulakevich, Ignacio Mejia-Rodriguez, Andrew Forsman, Yuqi Wang

Advised by Richard Tymerski