Martin Siderius

T. Martin Siderius

Maseeh Professor, ASA Fellow, Department Chair
Director Northwest Electromagnetics and Acoustics Laboratory (NEAR-Lab)

Fourth Avenue Building 160-14
(503) 725 3223

Faculty Website:

Ph.D. University of Washington
M.S. University of Washington
B.S. Western Washington University

Research Interests:

  • Acoustics/Sonar
  • Electromagnetics/Radar
  • Computational Methods for Acoustics and Electromagnetics
  • Signal Processing


  • ECE 331 Engineering Electromagnetics I
  • ECE 332 Engineering Electromagnetics II
  • ECE 5/634 Acoustics
  • ECE 527 Array Signal Processing

Professor Siderius' research combines physics and signal processing to improve the techniques used to gather information about the ocean. Most ocean remote sensing and communications methods rely on acoustic signals (sonar) due to the poor propagation characteristics of electromagnetic signals. One area of his research is focused on using random background noise (e.g., from breaking wave sounds) for remote sensing. The breaking wave noise is a kind of acoustic overhead "lighting" that can be used for imaging. Another area of research involves using sounds from marine mammals, such as whale calls, to determine species type and population density. The sensors and signal processing for these ocean acoustic applications are being developed for deployment on a variety of autonomous underwater vehicles which allows for extensive measurements at a relative low cost.

Professional Affiliations:

  • Member IEEE 
  • Fellow Acoustical Society of America

Awards and Recognition:

  • 2015 Office of Naval Research award for “Bottom Loss Estimation Using Compact Arrays and Autonomous Underwater Vehicles”
  • 2014 Small Business Technology Transfer award for “Expendable Direct Sensing for AUV based Geotechnical Survey Operations”
  • 2013 Office of Naval Research award for “Exploitation of Natural and Anthropogenic Noise for Ocean Exploration”
  • 2013 Office of Naval Research award for “Application of Density Estimation Methods to Datasets Collected from a Glider”
  • 2012 Office of Naval Research award for “Cetacean Density Estimation from a Novel Acoustic Dataset and Acoustic Propagation Modeling”

Selected Publications: 

  1. Lanfranco Muzi, Martin Siderius, Jorge E. Quijano, and Stan E. Dosso, “High-resolution bottom-loss estimation using the ambient-noise vertical coherence function.” J. Acoust.Soc. Am., 137, No. 1 (2015): 481-491.
  2. John Gebbie, Martin Siderius, and John S. Allen III, "A two-hydrophone range and bearing localization algorithm with performance analysis." J. Acoust.Soc. Am. 137, No. 3 (2015): 1586-1597.
  3. Scott Schecklman, Nathan Laws, Lisa M. Zurk, and Martin Siderius, "A computational method to predict and study underwater noise due to pile driving." J. Acoust.Soc. Am. 138, No. 1 (2015): 258-266. 
  4. John Gebbie, Martin Siderius, Peter L. Nielsen and James Miller, “Passive localization of noise-producing targets using a compact volumetric array” J. Acoust.Soc. Am. 136, No. 1 (2014): 80-89.
  5. Martin Siderius, Lanfranco Muzi, Chris H. Harrison and Peter Nielsen, “Synthetic array processing of ocean ambient noise for higher resolution seabed bottom loss estimation” J. Acoust.Soc. Am.,133, No. 3: EL149-EL155 (2014).