Honors Track

Honors Track

Electrical Engineering and Computer Engineering Honors Track

The Electrical Engineering and Computer Engineering departmental honors tracks permits highly motivated, qualified students to pursue a subject in the field of electrical or computer engineering in greater depth than is normally possible within the undergraduate ECE programs. Students who meet honors track requirements will receive special recognition on their diploma.

Admission Criteria

  1. Admission to the Electrical or Computer Engineering Program and completion of minimum 90 credit hours of degree required courses.
  2. Minimum overall and major GPA of 3.40.
  3. At least three quarters of EE or CMPE degree program study left.

Application Procedure

Typically, students should apply for admission during the spring quarter of the junior year, but applications will be considered year-round. Students should submit the following:

  1. ECE Honors Program application form.
  2. Official transcripts of all university work.
  3. Letters of reference from at least two ECE faculty members.
  4. Statement of interest indicating reasons for seeking admission to the honors program.

After admission, student will work with the ECE department to identify the faculty advisor and develop an honors project plan.

Additional Graduation Requirements

  1. Completion of 6 credits of ECE 403 Honors Thesis with a minimum grade of B+ (Note: 4 credits can replace one senior elective.)
  2. Approved final written thesis and public presentation.
  3. Overall and major GPA greater than 3.4.

More details are available from the ECE department.