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What is the GSE Assessment Fee?

The GSE Assessment Fee is a one-time fee of $102 that is included in student fees. The GSE Assessment Fee includes a Tk20 account for each student for assignments and portfolios. The fee is only assessed for GSE licensure and degree programs. 

When does the fee start?

The fee starts in fall 2013. All students admitted to a GSE degree or licensure program who begin classes the fall term of 2013 will see the assessment fee on their PSU bill.  

  • Admit summer 2013 or before = student pays Tk20 $102 directly for account
  • Admit fall 2013 or after = student is charged the GSE Assessment Fee to their PSU account during the first term after they are admitted and account is created automatically

To whom does it apply?

All students who have applied and been admitted to a GSE degree or licensure program will be assessed the fee on their PSU bill. The fee is waived for students who have previously enrolled in a degree or licensure program with the GSE and already purchased a Tk20 account.

What if a student is accidentally charged and they’ve already had/purchased an account?

Students who have already purchased a Tk20 account should not be assessed the GSE Assessment Fee. Though the GSE is working closely with the PSU Student Fees division, should a student who already has paid for a Tk20 account see the GSE Assessment Fee on their bill, they need to email  

What is Tk20?

Tk20 is the GSE student record and assessment system. To access Tk20, each student has to have a Tk20 account. Students previously had to pay Tk20 directly online for their account and pay a processing fee. Now, student accounts are created through their application and admission to a program, and they pay the GSE Assessment Fee that will cover the cost of the account.

What if I’m enrolled in a course that uses Tk20, but not in a program?

The GSE can create a temporary Tk20 account for students who are taking a course and are not yet admitted to a program. These accounts can last for two consecutive terms allowing students to upload their work and the instructor to assess the work in Tk20. After two terms, if the student intends to keep taking classes that require Tk20 they will either need to apply for program admission or they will be allowed to purchase the Tk20 account for $102 plus the processing fee. Any course that has an assessment in Tk20 requires students to have a Tk20 account.

How does someone access Tk20?

Tk20 can be accessed at with your ODIN username and password.  

My ODIN account isn’t working for Tk20, what do I do?

For any problems accessing your account, email

How do students use Tk20?

Students use Tk20 to apply for degree and licensure program admission and to electronically submit assignments to their instructors. Instructors may also post syllabi and other course materials on Tk20 for students.  Instructors may use Tk20 to survey or send notifications to students. All student work that is uploaded into Tk20 remains there. When a student leaves the university, they will still have access to their uploaded work. Tk20 accounts also offer the option to create an electronic portfolio for personal or professional use. Users designate ePortfolio permissions to determine who may have access to their portfolio.

How does the GSE use Tk20?

The GSE uses Tk20 to collect the assignment scores students receive. These assignments scores are reviewed by the licensure office to determine whether to recommend licensure to program graduates. The field placement office uses Tk20 to track field placements. The GSE uses Tk20 for all degree and licensure program applications, admissions reviews and decisions processes. The assessment data input by faculty are reviewed in the aggregate for program improvement. The GSE also reports this aggregated data, without student information, for state and national accreditation purposes. Tk20 supports GSE-wide assessment work toward continuous program improvement and ongoing national and state accreditation.