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Robert Noyce Teacher Scholars Program

A Partnership for Science Teacher Preparation

Portland State University Center for Science Education
Portland State University Graduate School of Education
Beaverton School District
Hillsboro School District
Portland Public Schools
Gresham-Barlow School District

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The Noyce Scholarship program, an outgrowth of a partnership between Portland State University's Graduate School of Education, the Center for Science Education, and four local schools districts, is part of a National Science Foundation grant project. The goal of this partnership is to strengthen scholarship in science teaching and learning, and apply education theory to classroom practice. The Noyce scholarship program is designed to prepare a group of teacher scholars who will advance this mission.

Teachers who complete this two-year intensive program are able to receive a Masters in Science Teaching (MST) degree, be recommended for an Initial Teaching License in the State of Oregon through the Graduate Teacher Education Program (GTEP), and can add a Masters of Education (MEd) degree after taking an additional course. Upon graduation, Noyce scholars are required to teach for two years for each year of funding at a high-need public school in the United States (see obligations section below for details).

Application deadline for the 2012-2014 program is December 1, 2011, or until all spaces are filled.

Who is eligible to apply?

Individuals holding a minimum of a BS/BA in a science, engineering, or math discipline or students who are currently admitted to a Masters in Science Teaching program at PSU.

What financial assistance does the PSU Noyce Scholarship program offer?

The Noyce Scholarship program offers a $10,000 scholarship as a forgivable loan. The scholarship will be available for the first year of the Noyce program, and other funding sources may be available for the second year. Funds are divided up by terms of enrollment and disbursed in equal parts per term. For example, students who expect to be enrolled full time during the summer term will receive four disbursements, one each for fall, winter, spring, and summer. Those who do not plan to enroll during the summer will receive three disbursements to cover the regular academic year.

What are my obligations once I graduate from the program?

The Noyce Scholarship is awarded as a forgivable loan. All Noyce scholars must teach at a high-need public school for two years within 4 years of graduation. Teachers who fail to complete their MST and GTEP, or to work in a high-needs school will be required to repay the scholarship money, plus interest and fees.

What are the Noyce Scholarship program benefits?

  • Science content knowledge instruction designed to prepare teachers to become highly qualified science educators
  • Training in teaching strategies to adapt curriculum to meet the needs of diverse learners in integrated classrooms
  • An integrated research and teacher preparation curriculum in a collegial and professional environment
  • Mentorship from master teachers and education research scholars throughout the program
  • Career development workshops to prepare for transitioning into the teaching profession
  • Support for applying for an Oregon teaching license and assistance with job searching following graduation


Noyce Program Coordinator
Stephanie Wagner, 503-725-8345 or email:

Graduate Teacher Education Program
Mark Wallace, 
503-725-4762 or email: