Pathways for Diverse Educators

Portland State University’s College of Education (COE) produces the largest numbers of diverse teacher candidates in Oregon. As Oregon’s student population becomes increasingly culturally and linguistically diverse, schools and districts are challenged with finding teachers who accurately reflect their students and have an understanding of their experiences. The COE recognizes the important need for special programs and practices to prepare teacher candidates of color, bilingual bicultural teachers and those from underrepresented groups. The COE offers multiple pathways for candidates that are comprised of several partnerships and long-standing programs to help students enter the teaching profession.

Graduates who have benefitted from Pathways programs

Jasmine Aliyah Lowe, MEd
Graduate Teacher Education Program

Throughout my education, I never had a teacher who looked like me or understood what people who look like me go through because of the color of my skin. I hope to be an advocate to my peers in the teaching program on the importance of bringing in materials that represent students in the classroom.

Hoang Nguyen, MEd
Graduate Teacher Education Program

I was born in Vietnam... We lived in poverty, but I always dreamed of becoming a teacher. I became an English teacher without a degree. After [moving here and] successfully completing the [PSU] program, a graduate earns a teaching license and a master’s degree in education. My dream is gradually coming true.

Liliana Angelica Luna, MA/MS
Marriage, Couple, and Family Counseling

I see the need of bringing more people with first-hand experience that would be able to serve our communities with an educated and lived experience. We need more people that are sensitive to the different cultures to be able to educate the community on the importance of mental wellness.


COE Pathways programs

American Indian Teacher Program
Funded by the Office of India Education, US Department of Education, the American Indian Teacher Program (AITP) recruits student candidates interested in becoming a licensed teacher.

Bilingual Teacher Pathway Program
The Bilingual Teacher Pathway (BTP) program is designed to fill a shortage of elementary bilingual teachers in the region. In partnership with local districts, classroom assistants are welcomed into this program that offers full-licensure at either the undergraduate or graduate level.

Portland Teachers Program
The Portland Teachers Program is a partnership among Portland Public Schools, Portland Community College, Portland State University, and Beaverton School District. It prepares culturally competent teachers with a special focus on historically underrepresented groups.

Special Projects
The Diversity Pipeline School Leaders Project is a pilot project partnership between the Meyer Memorial Trust and the Administrative Licensure program within PSU’s College of Education. The goal of the project is to diversify the pipeline for future K-12 leaders through innovation in recruitment and support of students from diverse backgrounds. Learn more about the Diversity Pipeline School Leaders Project!

If you would like to donate to the College of Education to diversify Oregon’s teacher candidate pool, please contact Adam Patterson, Director of Development, College of Education and Corporate and Foundation Relations, 503-725-4789,