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Partnerships for Teacher Preparation: Graduate School of Education and P-12 schools

Teaching is not an isolated activity; teacher preparation shouldn’t be either.

PSU’s Graduate School of Education strives to develop intentional partnerships with K-12 schools for the preparation and professional development of a highly qualified and diverse teacher work force in Oregon. Schools offer their diverse collaborative communities for multiple teacher candidates; cooperating teachers provide classroom expertise and hands-on coaching; and teacher candidates bring their active engagement with concurrent university coursework. 

Our teacher preparation partnerships serve the needs of both schools and GSE teacher candidates. School representatives and GSE faculty dedicate time and energy toward coordinated placement and supervision of teacher candidates. GSE faculty support K-12 teachers through site-specific professional development on mentoring and teacher leadership for the whole school staff. We use a collaborative “cohort” structure within which teacher candidates learn to integrate personal pedagogy with professional practice. As a result of this cohort model, our teacher candidates are well poised to integrate into a school that values collaboration, shared practice, and continuous professional learning. Teacher candidates at partner schools are a valued resource because K-12 student learning is enhanced with the presence of an additional professional educator in the classroom.  

Each partnership is unique. PSU is interested in developing long-term relationships with K-12 schools in order to further the teaching profession through collaboration on teacher preparation and professional development.