Education faculty member Hollie Hix-Small accepts Fulbright in Myanmar
Author: John Kirkland, PSU Media and Public Relations
Posted: May 7, 2018
Hollie Hix-Small, an assistant professor in the Graduate School of Education (GSE), has been named a Fulbright Scholar to the Republic of the Union of Myanmar. She will reside in the Southeast Asian country for four months, from June to September 2019, and will work to support implementation of its 2017–2020 National Strategic Plan for Early Childhood Intervention. 

Hix-Small, who has expertise in early childhood intervention and is known nationally and internationally for her work, will help to develop the country’s first higher education curriculum for early childhood intervention (ECI) services. Rather than bringing a prescribed curriculum with her, she will use the perspectives and expertise of local practitioners, parents, professors, and others to jointly generate the content to customize the program to the country and the varied contexts within it. 

“My challenge is to understand the context and the culture and their learning needs,” said Hix-Small. 

Hix-Small’s interest in the field of early childhood intervention grew while studying at the University of Cape Town and working as a caregiver in a South African orphanage in the mid-1990s. Her commitment to advocating for the most marginalized children continues today. Although she has lived and worked in many countries and visited Southeast Asia several times, this will be her first opportunity to live in the region. 

Hix-Small is the coordinator of the PSU Early Intervention Special Education program in the GSE. She holds a bachelor’s degree in developmental psychology and a master’s and a doctorate degree in early intervention, special education, from the University of Oregon. She has taught in PSU’s Special Education Department since 2014.