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Licensure Instructions

License Application Alert!

A new eLicensing system is now online at TSPC’s website. All licensure candidates must create an account in the new system prior to updating their information or applying for a license or endorsement. Instructions on using the eLicensing system are available at TSPC’s website.  

Applications and payments sent to TSPC via postal mail will be returned to the applicant, with instructions on using the eLicensing system.

New information about licensing and testing is also available at TSPC’s website. Please be sure to familiarize yourself with the updates in the links on the left-hand of the main page.


PSU licensure processing fee

PSU has a required licensure-processing fee that must be submitted with the request for licensure recommendation form. Forms will not be processed without payment. The required fee amount varies depending on the type of license and/or recommendation you are requesting, and is stated within the first step on each of the instructions (below). Please note that the PSU licensure-processing fee is NOT the same as the TSPC licensure application fee (listed on the last step of each of the instructions); the TSPC licensure application fee will be paid directly to TSPC.

Request for licensure recommendation form

The request for licensure recommendation form must be submitted with the required licensure processing fee. The form is available either as a fillable pdf or Word document. Please complete the form and submit via postal mail, or attached to an email. Please note: fillable pdfs must be saved to the desktop, or printed to pdf (via software such as dopdf, or others) before sending.

Payment methods

There are two payment options for submitting the form and fee:

Option 1: CHECK/MAIL  

Print your completed form and pay the required fee with a check or money order made payable to PSU, and mail to the GSE Office of Licensure (address at the top of the request for licensure recommendation form).


Pay the required fee with a credit card through our online system:, BEFORE you send a copy of your typed form in an email to the GSE Office of Licensure (

Instructions for teacher licenses

Instructions for administrator licenses

Instructions for counseling licenses


Program completer

A "program completer" is defined as a student that has completed:

  1. All coursework/credits (Includes having planned program of study completed, all pre-requisites completed, all licensure grades posted on official transcripts, and all official transcripts on file)
  2. All practicum and student teaching (Includes having all forms/evaluations completed and on file)
  3. All work samples (Includes having all forms/evaluations completed and on file)
  4. All tests of basic skills and subject-matter passed (Includes having all scores on file)

If this is your first-ever Oregon license, you will need to have successfully passed the ORELA exam “Protecting Student and Civil Rights in the Educational Environment,” and a copy of your passing score report must be on file.