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Information for Students




For GTEP, SPED, BTP, IEEP, SDEP and School Counseling students: to initiate the placement process, each student must:

  1. Submit a completed Student Teaching Application electronically to the Field Placement Office (
    1. GTEP Student Teaching Application
    2. BTP Student Teaching Application
    3. SPED Student Teaching Application
    4. School Counseling Intern Application
    5. Speech and Hearing Field Placement Application
    6. EI/ECSE Field Placement Application
  2. Successfully submit fingerprints to TSPC.

After you have completed the Student Teaching Application and submitted your fingerprints to TSPC, no further action is required on your part. The Field Placement Office sends requests on your behalf, which include portions of your Student Teaching Application, to districts and/or schools (depending on district protocol). We will notify you as soon as we receive placement information. Until you receive official confirmation from the Field Placement Office, please know that we are diligently working on securing your placement.

For Clinical Experience schedules by program, see the Information for Cooperating Teachers and Mentors page.

Other program information