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GSE Instructor Handbook: Student Policies and Procedures

You may be asked questions regarding student policies, procedures, appeals, and petitions. Therefore, we are including information that will address student questions.

Student Conduct Code

Students must follow the university’s Code of Conduct and GSE Behavior and Performance Guidelines (PDF). Definitions of proscribed student behavior can be found in these documents.

Immediate concerns (e.g., obstruction or disruption of teaching) can be reported directly to the Office of Student Affairs (503-725-5249).

Concerns regarding students’ safety can be reported directly to Campus Public Safety:

  • Urgent (emergency) concerns: 503-725-4404
  • Non-emergency concerns: 503-725-4407

Student Appeals

Students who believe that they have not been treated fairly in class or in their evaluation can appeal.

Appeal of Academic Evaluation (initiated by a student)

Academic reviews can be requested by students who believe they have not been treated fairly in class or in their evaluation.

  1. The student submits a request for review (in writing) to the Department Chair. This request must be submitted no later than the first 15 school days of the term following the awarding of the grade or evaluation in question. The request should include evidence that supports the student's contention that her/his work was unfairly evaluated.
  2. The Department Chair reviews the appeal and renders a decision (in writing) within 15 school days of receiving the review request.
  3. If the student is still dissatisfied she/he submits a request for review (in writing) within 5 school days of the Chair's decision, to the Dean's Office.
  4. The Dean (or designee) reviews the appeal and renders a decision, in writing, within 15 school days of receiving the request.
  5. If the student wishes to continue the appeals process she/he can consider these resources: PSU Academic Appeals Board, Deadline Appeals Board, Scholastic Standards.
Academic Appeals Board

This Faculty Senate committee hears appeals from students who claim to have received prejudiced or capricious academic evaluation. The student may file an appeal by writing a letter to the Academic Appeals Board and delivering it to the Office of Student Affairs, 433 Smith Memorial Center, Portland State University, PO Box 751, Portland, OR 97207-0751.

Deadline Appeals Board

Students may petition this board for exception from published deadlines, such as late registration fees or late class changes (example: add/drop). Petitions may be submitted before or after the deadline has passed and must include documentation of the reason for missing the deadline. Petition forms may be obtained online (scroll to the Petitions section).

Scholastic Standards

This Faculty Senate committee assists students with requests that involve the waiving of regulations or changes in grade options.

Grade Records

Records document the grades awarded by instructors of and serves as the basis for the students' official academic records. Records may include test, assignment, paper, and homework scores; attendance records; and final grades for students. Records in this series may include but are not limited to instructor's grade books; grade confirmation reports; grade change records; final grade rosters; and related documentation which is reported to the Registrar's Office for inclusion in the student's academic record. Records may also include grade reports, report cards, and grade histories which are distributed to students at the end of each term and which indicate course numbers and titles, grades, awarded and grade point average. SEE ALSO: Student Academic Records. Information may be exempt from public disclosure per ORS 192.502(2). (Minimum retention: Official electronic grade records: 75 years; Grade change forms or grade sheets: 10 years; Contested grade records: Until resolved; Other records: one year). OAR-166-450-0120 Student Records, Academic, 2 as of March 15, 2011.

Registration Issues

Students in on-campus programs who have difficulty registering should speak with their advisor or cohort leader. Students in continuing education courses, on or off campus, should contact CE/ED, 503-725-4619, for all registration issues.

Religious Holy Days

Any student who is unable to attend classes due to religious beliefs shall be excused from attendance requirements, examinations, and the assignment for that day. The student will make up the examination or other assignment by arrangement with the instructor. Students should make arrangements with faculty members prior to the holy day.


University regulations provide that a student registered in a class may withdraw at the student’s discretion until the end of the fourth week of the term. After that, the student may withdraw only with the faculty member’s signature. After eight weeks, a withdrawal from a class is possible only by petition to the Deadline Appeals Board.


Students may be granted an "I" grade (Incomplete) only under certain conditions and with a written agreement with the instructor prior to the time grades are given. Reasons for assigning the I grade must be acceptable to the instructor. The student does not have the right to demand an Incomplete.

The whole policy on incompletes is stated in the “Graduate Studies” section of the current PSU Bulletin online.