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GSE Instructor Handbook: Goals of the Handbook

The Graduate School of Education faculty and staff want your teaching experience for Portland State University (PSU) to be as successful and satisfying as possible. You are vital to our mission—our programs could not be successful without you. The Graduate School of Education values your contributions to our curriculum, your expansion of our offerings, your fresh perspectives, and your ability to apply what you are teaching to real life contexts. This handbook includes essential information on PSU policies and procedures.

Preparing for the Classroom

To help make your classroom experience more rewarding for you and your students, we include information on communicating your commitment to students' learning, establishing appropriate expectations (the syllabus and first class sessions) and assessing student learning.

Answering Questions in the Classroom

This handbook can serve as a guide in answering students’ questions about PSU’s policies and procedures. It can also answer your questions about activities such as online grading and incompletes. If the answer to a question is not found in this handbook, please call on a program coordinator or a staff member for assistance.

Keeping Current

Periodically, updated information on changes to PSU policy and procedures, articles to help you in the classroom, and contracts are posted on this website. Please check the web pages periodically for the latest information.

Thank you for your contribution to our program.