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GSE Instructor Handbook: Faculty Policies

Many university policies and GSE guidelines have been mentioned earlier in this handbook in the context of offering courses. In this section, faculty will find additional information.

Care and Release of Student Information

Current and previously registered PSU students have clearly defined rights and privileges based on federal law relating to the privacy and release of their student records and enrollment information.

As guardians of the student record, faculty, staff, and those under PSU supervision may not release protected student information to any outside party, including parents of minors, except as provided by public records law. Care should be exercised to protect the privacy of students. Student information, such as that listed below, is considered strictly confidential at all times.

  • Student identification numbers or Social Security numbers
  • Age, race, gender, national origin, religious affiliation
  • Exam or course grades
  • Class schedule
  • Financial, medical, or public safety records
  • Email addresses

Documents and Banner data, such as email, addresses, class rosters, grade reports, student ID numbers, exams, and papers, shall not be routed or posted openly.

Faculty Responsibility for Accommodations for Students with Disabilities

Having a disability may affect various areas of students' academic experience at PSU. Faculty are expected to assist students whenever possible in identifying support services that will help them succeed academically. The Disability Resource Center provides the assistance necessary to attempt to eliminate the competitive disadvantage caused by a student's disability, using reasonable accommodation as the guideline. (Contact the Disability Resource Center below for more information: 503-725-4150 or

Federal law requires modifying or changing nonessential course requirements to provide students with disabilities equal access and opportunity to participate in campus programs and activities. Modifications may include changes in the length of time permitted for completion of degree requirements, substitution of specific course required for completion of degree requirements, and adaptation of the manner in which specific courses are conducted.

Adjunct Supervisor Mileage Reimbursement Policy

Please see the PDF file, "Travel Reimbursements" for this policy.

Other University and GSE Policies

A more complete discussion of faculty policies can be found in the GSE Policy Handbook online.

University Policies