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GSE Instructor Handbook: Faculty Employment


A notice of appointment (contract) is mailed to instructors a few weeks before the beginning of the course (or later, depending on when the course is originally set up). If your notice of appointment appears to contain an error, please contact your department contact (CI: 503-725-4756, CE/ED: 503-725-4720, COUN: 503-725-4649, ELP 503-725-4716, or SPED: 725-4649).

The dates, times, and classroom location assignment listed in the notice of appointment represent the information at the time the notice was mailed. Please check the PSU Schedule of Classes or the CE/ED catalog for location of your class or any changes to the class two weeks prior to the beginning of class.

Employment Forms

The following forms are sent to all new instructors and must be on file before an instructor can be paid. (Returning instructors who haven’t taught at PSU for a few years also may need to complete these forms.) They can also be downloaded from the PSU Human Resources website, Employee Information Packet under “Forms.” Return completed forms with documentation to the appropriate departmental secretary:

  • Employee Information Form
  • Withholding Tax Exemption Form (W-4)
  • I-9 Work Authorization Form
  • I-9 Supporting Documents

Work authorization requires proof of citizenship (Social Security Card) or an Alien Registration Receipt Card (required if resident alien).

All forms are available on the Human Resources' Employee's Corner page

Instructor’s check(s) will be delayed if the necessary employment forms are not completed.

If there is a break in your employment, we may need to ask you to complete all forms again and resubmit.


Salary schedules for faculty are negotiated between the Oregon University System, on behalf of Portland State University, and the appropriate PSU faculty association: Local 3571 American Federation of Teachers - Oregon for faculty teaching less than .5 FTE and American Association of University Professors for those teaching .5 FTE or greater.

Payroll Information

There is one pay date per month (one date when checks are dispersed) at Portland State University—the last working day of the month. The monthly compensation is paid based on the dates in the notice of appointment. Appointments can be 3-month, 9-month, 12-month, summer, or varying terms of service other than 3, 9, or 12 months. Generally, a 3-month (term) appointment is paid in three equal payments distributed on the last working day of the months as follows:

Fall term (Sept 16 – Dec 15):

October, November, December

Winter term (Dec 16 – Mar 15):

January, February, March

Spring term (Mar 16 – June 15):

April, May, June

Full-year appointments: The pay cycle is currently September through June for full-time faculty on a 9-month contract.

The pay cycle is currently October through June, for full year part-time faculty. The October through June pay cycle means that salary payments will be received in three equal installments for each term worked. For example, fall term salary will be paid to the employee in three equal installments of October 31, November 30, and December 31, and winter term salary will be paid January 31, February 28 and March 31, etc.

In addition, the appointment letter includes language offering employees the option of a special September 30th payroll advance of 15 percent of their fall term contract salary with a special three month payroll deduction agreement for the pay advance collection. This advance option will not count toward their available two per calendar year pay advances.

Summer appointment pay schedule is as follows:

Contract start and end date
falls between:

Pay Schedule:

June 16-30

100% on June 30

June 16-July 31

100% on July 31

June16-August 31

1/2 on July 31
1/2on August 31

June 16-September 15

1/3 on July 31
1/3 on August 31
1/3 on September 30

July 1-31

100% on July 31

July 1-August 31

1/2 on July 31
1/2 on August 31

July 1-September 15

1/3 on July 31
1/3 on August 3
1/3 on September 30

August 1-31

100% on August 30

August 1-September 15

1/2 on August 31
1/2 on September 30

September 1-15

100% on September 30

*Upon request, the University will make available during the fall or summer term a payroll advance of 15 percent of the total term pay on the last working day of September or June, respectively or as soon thereafter as possible. The payroll office must receive all employment papers before this advance plan is possible. The advance would be deducted in equal installments in the applicable term’s paycheck months.

Payments for courses that begin and end in different terms, or that are taught less than a full term, will be distributed equally during the months the course is actually taught.

If an instructor is on the University payroll through another department, the compensation will be added to his or her regular check. Checks for adjunct faculty are mailed to the address indicated on the Employee Information Form. It is the responsibility of faculty to notify PSU Human Resources of address changes affecting check distribution.

If you have a question about a paycheck, please contact the appropriate department secretary. See above for phone numbers.

Staff and Family Tuition Privileges

"Staff fee privileges" as defined by the Oregon University System apply to employees appointed at half time or more, including tenure track and fixed-term faculty. Eligible employees may register for class work offered by the universities in the Oregon University System at special rates for a maximum of 12 hours of credit per term. All other employees must pay the regular tuition rate as defined by the university. For more information about reduced rates visit the Oregon University System Staff Fee Privileges web page.

For those employed less than 0.50 FTE the faculty education fund provides tuition and fee remission funds for eligible part-time faculty enrolled in PSU courses. Faculty who are requesting support need to list course(s) in which they expect to enroll and explain their selections in terms of career development and their recent teaching experience at PSU to verify eligibility. Each request for support from the faculty education fund must be approved by the PSU Faculty Association and then forwarded to the Office of Academic Affairs for approval. Faculty should note the target date for submissions of requests.

The professional development fund provides limited funding for professional development opportunities and scholarly pursuits of eligible part-time faculty. Requests for support for an individual are limited to $1200 per fiscal year. Like the education fund, eligibility is determined by previous teaching experience at PSU. Approval of the development request by the faculty supervisor is required. Each request must be approved by the PSU Faculty Association and must then be submitted to OAA by the target dates shown on the form. Approximately 25% of the funds will be awarded for activities in the fall term, 50% for activities in the winter and spring terms, and 25% for activities in the summer term.

These forms are included in the new collective bargaining agreement as appendices. Forms are also be available online at Faculty Development Funding Opportunities.