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GSE Faculty and Staff Directory

To find a particular person, use the find feature of your web browser. On Windows, Control-F (Ctrl-F); on Macs: Command-F (-F).

The PSU Faculty and Staff directory can also be used to locate faculty and staff members of PSU. For general GSE information, please call 503-725-4619.

(The abbreviation key is at the end of this table)

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Program/Department names & abbreviations:

Asst Assistant
BTP Bilingual Teacher Pathways
CEED Continuing Education
CEU Continuing Education Unit
CI Curriculum & Instruction
COUN Counselor Education
CSS Center for Student Success
CTC Community Transition Center
Dept Department
Dir Director
DO Dean's Office
EdD Doctorate of Education degree
EISE Early Intervention Special Education License Program
Elem Elementary
ELP Educational Leadership and Policy
ESOL ESOL/Bilingual Endorsement Program
FP Field Placement
GA Graduate Assistant
GSE Graduate School of Education
GTEP Graduate Teacher Education Program
HGCDC Helen Gordon Child Development Center
IE2P Inclusive Elementary Educators Project
ITEP International Teacher Education Program
LSE Leadership in Sustainability Education
MA/MS Master of Arts/Master of Science degrees
MISL Metropolitan Instructional Support Laboratory (now Curriculum and Technology Services, or CATS)
NBCC National Board for Certified Counselors
PACE Post Secondary, Adult & Continuing Education
PBS Positive Behavior Interventions and Support
PIIECL Portland International Initiative for Ecology, Culture and Learning
P/t Part time employee
RCIEP Research Center on Inclusive and Effective Educational Practices
SDEP Secondary Dual Educators Program
SPED Special Education
VI/VIL Visually Impaired Learners