COE Estimated Program Cost

Program cost estimates are based on 2018-19 resident graduate PSU tuition and PSU fees only. This chart is provided to help you estimate the minimum tuition and fees for program completion. The PSU tuition estimator can be used to provide a more specific estimate based on the number of credits that you plan to take each term.

Please note that additional fees may apply depending on the course of study that you choose to pursue and the specific courses for which you enroll. For additional program specific costs (eg - exams, fingerprinting, licensure), please contact the department directly.

A variety of financial aid and scholarship options are available to COE students to offset the costs listed below. Visit COE Scholarships for specific details on how to qualify and apply.


Program Dept Credits Estimated Resident Cost
Educational Leadership Doctorate ELP 72 $33,568


Program Dept Credits Estimated Resident Cost
Counselor Education Master's COUN 90 $41,960
School Counseling COUN 90 $41,960
Clinical Rehabilitation COUN 90 $41,960
Clinical Mental Health COUN 90 $41,960
Marriage, Couple, and Family COUN 90 $41,960
Curriculum and Instruction Master's CI 45 $20,510
Online CI MA/MS CI 45 $20,557
Masters in Early Childhood: Inclusive Ed and Curriculum & Instruction CI 45 $20,601
Postsecondary, Adult, and Continuing Education (PACE) Master's ELP 45 $20,980
Leadership for Sustainability Education Master's ELP 45 $20,980
Special Education Master's SPED 45 $20,980

License and Master's

Program Dept Credits Estimated Resident Cost
Bilingual Teacher Pathway (BTP) CI 73 $32,244
International Teacher Education Program (ITEP) CI varies varies
Graduate Teacher Education Program (GTEP); full-time CI 66 $28,232
Graduate Teacher Education Program (GTEP); part-time CI 66 $31,540
Initial Administrator License (IAL) + Master's ELP 45 $20,980
Secondary Dual Educator Program (SDEP) SPED 98 $41,584
Inclusive Elementary Educator Program (IEEP) SPED 98 $42,005
Early Intervention Special Education (EISE); part-time/full-time SPED 64 $28,552
Visually Impaired Learner SPED 65 $29,415
Special Education; full-time SPED 73 $30,517.50
Special Education; part-time SPED 73 $32,692.50

Licensure programs

Program Dept Credits Estimated Resident Cost
School Counseling Licensure (only); 1-year COUN 33 $15,188.50
School Counseling Licensure (only); 2-year COUN 33 $13,233
Continuing Administrator License ELP 28 $13,189
Initial Administrator License ELP 28 $13,086
Special Education License Elementary or Secondary; full-time SPED 64 $26,232
Special Education License Elementary or Secondary; part-time SPED 64 $28,407


Program Dept Credits Estimated Resident Cost
Added Elementary Endorsement CI 32 $15,100
Added Secondary Endorsement CI 6 $2,857
ESOL/Bilingual Endorsement CI 22 $10,434
Literacy Education/Reading Endorsement CI 25 $11,917.50
ReadOregon Online Reading Endorsement CI 24 $11,128
Early Intervention Special Education Endorsement SPED 21 $9,649
Visually Impaired Learner Endorsement SPED 44 $20,020
Added Endorsement in Special Education (AddSPED); full-time SPED 35 $14,544.50
Added Endorsement in Special Education (AddSPED); part-time SPED 35 $16,719.50

Graduate Certificates

Program Dept Credits Estimated Resident Cost
Infant/Toddler Mental Health Graduate Certificate SPED 20 $9,156
Service-Learning in Higher Education Graduate Certificate ELP 18 $7,584
Student Affairs in Higher Education Graduate Certificate ELP 18 $8,652
Teaching Adult Learners Graduate Certificate ELP 18 $8,652
Training and Development Graduate Certificate ELP 18 $8,652

PLEASE NOTE: PSU requires that all students taking 5 or more in-load, non self-support credits have comprehensive health insurance coverage. All eligible students will automatically be enrolled in the Aetna Student Health Insurance Plan available through PSU, which is $875 for each Fall, Winter, and Spring terms (Spring term covers insurance coverage throughout the summer). This cost is NOT factored into the tuition and fee estimator. If you already have a comparable health insurance plan in place, you may waive out of the student plan, and will not be charged the $875 per term. For more information on the PSU Student Health Insurance Plan or waiver process visit

PSU charges a $35/credit fee for online courses. That fee is not included in the above estimates unless the program is completely online.

Matriculation Fee: PSU has a single matriculation fee of $325, applied once to any degree seeking student (undergraduate, graduate, or postbac) in their first term of enrollment. Students will pay this fee only once, regardless of any changes in student type or level. Students who paid it for a previous degree won't be assessed that fee again when they pursue subsequent degrees or change levels.

For more information on fees, please visit Graduate Admissions.