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GSE Conceptual Framework

The GSE Conceptual Framework represents the concepts that guide the work of the GSE community, including faculty, staff, and students. Because of its importance, the GSE Conceptual Framework is included in all GSE course syllabi.

Conceptual Framework

Vision: To prepare students to advance life-long learning in diverse learning environments including schools, post-secondary institutions, community organizations, and social service and health agencies.

1. Diversity and Inclusiveness – Advocacy for Fairness and Respect.
1.1 Candidates work effectively with diverse populations.
1.2 Candidates promote inclusive and therapeutic environments.
2. Research based practices and professional standards – Professionalism.
2.1 Candidates critically analyze and implement research-based practices.
2.2 Candidates demonstrate appropriate professional knowledge, skills, and dispositions.
3. Impact on Learning and Development – Commitment to learning.
3.1 Candidates ensure that all learners and clients succeed.
3.2 Candidates use technology to enhance learning and development.
3.3 Candidates influence policy and provide leadership for organizations.
4. Evidenced-informed decision making – Reflection.
4.1 Candidates use evidenced to address problems of practice and make informed educational and therapeutic decisions.

For instructors:

Use the following link to the ADA compliant and screen-reader friendly version of the GSE Conceptual Framework in your syllabi:

For more detailed information, including GSE's Mission, Vision, Guiding Principles, Goals & Objectives, see: