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Graduate School of Education Partnerships

The Graduate School of Education partners with many agencies, schools, universities, companies, organizations, and districts across the Portland Metro area and beyond. GSE partnerships serve many purposes and provide opportunities for faculty to serve the community in a variety of settings.  

We have long-term partnerships with many schools and districts in the Portland Metro area. One in-depth partnership, the Teaching and Learning Coalition, is a Chalkboard grant-funded partnership between the Graduate School of Education and three local school districts, Portland Public, David Douglas, and North Clackamas. The Teaching and Learning Coalition is committed to working collaboratively to improve and accelerate student and teacher learning. We work together to improve recruitment and selection, clinical practice, hiring and placement, and mentoring and induction of teachers. This systematic effort and commitment will lead to improved student and teacher learning.  

The GSE is also a member of the Portland Metro Education Partnership (PMEP). PMEP is a consortium of 11 school districts and 11 schools of education in the Portland metro area that seeks to collaborate on the preparation and professional development of pre-service and in-service teachers. Members of PMEP recognize that they benefit from working together to support teachers at all stages of their career. 

Teacher preparation programs such as GTEP, SDEP, SPED, and others each contribute to and manage a variety of partnerships for teacher candidate placement and professional development of in-service teachers. To learn more about GTEP and SDEP partnerships, click here.

Partnerships are never static in the GSE. At any time, we have working relationships with over 500 organizations of many types and purposes. Some of these are long term relationships, while others are of shorter duration. If you are interested in working with the GSE, contact our Partnership Coordinator to talk about it.