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Graduate School of Education Curriculum Connections

Faculty and students in the GSE have developed a variety of curricula and curriculum materials that support teaching and learning. Some selections include a project with Library of Congress on the Civil War, a project on the Iroquois Confederacy and the US Constitution.


Artsplash is an innovative source of arts-based curriculum created by teachers—for teachers. Artsplash goals are to (a) provide models of how to integrate arts based teaching methods into the curriculum, and (b) make arts based curriculum readily available to all teachers. Initial funding for ARTSplash was provided by an Innovation grant from the US Department of Education.

The Civil War through a Child's Eye

A curriculum developed for the Library of Congress's American Memory Project. The unit draws on historical fiction and primary sources to expand student's perceptions of the Civil War era. Specifically, students view the Civil War era from a child's perspective rather than that of an adult. Available at:

Content Area Teachers Network

The Content Area Teacher Network consists of teacher educators, teacher candidates, teachers, and administrators working in partnership to improve adolescent literacy. Network resources include exemplary lessons, lesson study plans, program syllabi, researcher bios, teacher research, and tools. This website was made possible in part by grants from Carnegie Corporation of New York and the U.S. Department of Education, Title IIA, University/School Partnership (USP) Program.

Iroquois Confederacy and the US Constitution

This curricular unit looks at the influence one Native American culture had on our Founding Fathers' ideas about democracy, governmental structures, the rights of the individual and public good. Using primary sources, students will compare and contrast the differences between Native American and European cultures and how this affected governance. This will lead to a systematic comparison of the Iroquois Confederacy's Great Law of Peace and the US Constitution.