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GSE Faculty Stories of Impact - International Outreach

Samuel Henry
Dr. Henry is currently serving on the PSU Internationalization Council.  

For eight years, Dr. Henry and Dr. Emily de la Cruz worked in Migration Studies, a PSU study abroad program in Michoacan, Mexico. In summer 2011, Dr. Henry, Dr. Christine Cress, and two doctoral students, Kim Ilosvay and Maika Yeigh, are presenting a case study at the 22nd annual Case Method Research and Application (WACRA) conference in Dublin, Ireland. 

Due to violence in Michoacan, this program has been suspended.

Dilafruz Williams and Christine Cress
Drs. William and Cress conduct a Service Learning in India graduate course in partnership with Lady Doak College in Madurai, South India. Lady Doak College arranges participation in service sites—mostly schools and nonprofit organizations. The best time to offer this course is in January and February due to weather and tourism constraints and Lady Doak’s availability to host students. The college has had a long-term interest in service learning and an ongoing relationship with Oberlin College. PSU students register for 4 credits. This course is one of two alternatives for a required course in the Service Learning in Higher Education graduate certificate that is offered abroad. Students also have the option of a course based at Portland State. Offered in 2010 and 2011, this course was developed with the intention of building a strong, long-term partnership. 

Dannelle Stevens
Dr. Stevens travelled to Bethlehem University through a partnership with CAE/PSU and Northwestern University. Dr. Stevens and Dr. Carol Morgaine (PSU’s Child and Family Studies program) went to provide faculty development and share resources.  

Dr. Stevens has managed several programs for teachers and administrators from China through the Office of International Affairs’ International Special Programs. These were held both in the summer and in January. International Special Programs has identified these groups through a broker who travels to China.

Dr. Stevens has also worked with faculty from King Faisal University for two summers on faculty development (year one) and service learning (year two).  She managed these programs to ensure that the faculty had coursework, presentations, etc. in their areas of interest. Kevin Kecskes from the Center for Academic Excellence will be traveling to Saudi Arabia to do some ongoing work with the faculty there. 

Dr. Stevens has a Fulbright Scholar Fellowship to go to Atilim University in Turkey to provide faculty development.

Yer Thao
Dr. Thao returned from Cambodia where he was hosted as a guest lecturer by Pannasastra University of Cambodia, a school that was founded by a group of Cambodian expatriates from the U.S. Faculty at their school of education are very interested in working with Portland State University, since they have a focus on a standardized English curriculum. They are looking for faculty, and are also interested in faculty research collaboration and some type of student exchange.   

Swapa Mukhopadhyay
Dr. Mukhopadhyay has a formal affiliation with two universities in India—Jadavpur University and the Centre for Studies in Social Sciences, Kolkata. She is a Fulbright Senior Fellow at the American Institute of Indian Studies (Fall 2011-Winter 2012). During her stay in Kolkata, she plans to strengthen ties with Delhi University, Homi Bhaba Center for Science Education, Mumbai; Visva-Bharati (a university established by the poet Rabindra Nath Tagore), NGO schools such as Skikshamitra (Kolkata), Eklavya, Shikshanta, and LearningNet-India. Read more.

Christine Chaille
Dr. Chaille and Dr. Will Parnell are working with Reggio Emilia in Italy in two ways: REmida Portland will be the first North American REmida program site that collects industrial discards from shops and factories in the area, and makes these materials available to schools, childcare centers, artists and families; and the international study tour to Reggio. Most of the students that go on the international study program are from the Early Childhood MA/MS program.

Dr. Chaille and Frank Mahler were invited by Hands to Hearts to develop an early childhood curriculum to be used in orphanages and in parenting classes in India. While in India, they provided an inservice program to the staff of the orphanages. An evaluation was conducted on its impact. It was so successful, Hands to Heart is now using the curriculum in Uganda (with some revisions by Dr. Chaille and Mr. Mahler based on differences in cultures). It may also be used in Botswana in the near future.

Dr. Chaille has also worked in Sapporo, Japan, in the past and will be going for a month to Kyoto to work at a school on the grounds of a temple this coming year.

She is also working with PSU’s Confucius Institute. Since TSPC approved a Chinese Language endorsement, it would be great to work with them to have a program approved at PSU. They also take students to China and visit schools.

Esparanza De La Vega
Dr. De La Vega has worked in the United Arab Emirates with Zayed University in the city of Abu Dhabi. Her ongoing relationship and collaboration with faculty in the college of education focuses on the sociocultural contexts of language, literacy, and culture in education, and particularly, how these issues influence culturally responsive teacher preparation abroad. One of the strands of this work has been a focus on the use of children's literature in teacher preparation. She and faculty from Zayed University have presented on this theme at the International Conference on Children's Literature in Language Education in Hildesheim University, Germany.

In addition, she has worked with King Faisal University in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, as an invited speaker for their International Conference on Teaching and Learning as Tools of Progress in Higher Education.