Data Dashboard

The College of Education prepares the annual reports listed below. The data displayed in the dashboard links above include some of these national and state report data as well as additional data collected in the COE.

COE Annual Report 
The COE Annual Report is a compilation of the news and events from the year.

PEDS – Professional Education Data System (to AACTE)
PEDS includes specific data on student enrollment, degree and program completion, faculty and resources. All data collected for the PEDS survey pertain to information related to the teacher preparation programs and the preparation of school personnel within the P-12 environment. 

CAEP – The Council for the Accreditation of Educator Preparation
The CAEP annual report (different than the 7 year institutional report) includes exam pass rates and graduation rates for education degree and licensure programs, results of alumni, employer and employment surveys, and other program quality measures. 

Minority Teacher Report
The Minority Teacher Report includes student race/ethnicity data for all students who have applied, are admitted, enroll, and graduate from our initial teacher preparation programs.

TSPC – Teacher Standards and Practices Commission (Oregon’s state licensing agency) 
The TSPC annual report includes goals and strategic plans, evidence of continual review of programs, summary of minor program modifications, summary of new off-campus/online/distance delivery courses, consortium meeting information, and licensure completion data.

Title II – Higher Education Act
The Title II report includes (for teacher education): admissions requirements, enrollment, clinical experience information, exam pass rates, as well as the extent to which our programs are addressing shortages areas, preparing teachers to teach students with disabilities or who are limited English proficient, and preparing teachers to use technology.

Description of Institution 
The College of Education (COE) is the professional education unit at PSU. The COE is also the most comprehensive education school in Oregon with more than 52 degree, licensure, and continuing professional development programs. As noted in the 2007-08 Annual Report, the COE awarded 569 degrees that year and recommended more than 750 individuals for licensure. The COE guides the development of outstanding teachers and counselors who are strong in content knowledge, expert in instructional and clinical practice, and committed to educational and counseling excellence, social justice, and equity. The COE prepares more teachers than any other institution in Oregon; it also prepares more math and science teachers, as well as teachers of color than any other program in Oregon.