COVID-19 and the COE

Please check your emails or the PSU Coronavirus Response regularly for important announcements.


PSU and the College of Education are asking everyone in the campus community to take steps to protect themselves and others by washing hands often, safely covering coughs and sneezes and staying home if you feel sick. Health officials recommend practicing social distancing whenever possible, which means keeping at least six feet between yourself and others in all public spaces, avoiding handshakes and hugging, and limiting in-person meetings when possible.

K-12 Schools and Teacher Candidates

Oregon schools will be closed until April 28th per the governor's directive. Once schools begin to reopen, there may be different policies in different districts. For candidates placed in other states, there will also be differences between states as well. Candidates should follow the protocols of the schools, districts, and agencies at which they are placed. Program coordinators, cohort leaders, and/or supervisor coordinators will be in touch with candidates regarding any upcoming TSPC, PSU, or College of Education policies as well as their program's decisions regarding attendance, deadlines, etc. Candidates should contact them to problem-solve individual situations.

At this time, teaching staff in Evergreen Public Schools will not be reporting to work. Therefore, your student teachers would also not report to their student teaching assignment in Evergreen. As a reminder, our Spring Break is March 30-April 3. We will distribute updates prior to Spring Break and throughout the school closure.

Teacher candidates in field placements should continue to report to field placements as scheduled if their schools are open. They should follow protocols and directions from the district in which they are placed. Of course, if they feel ill, they should stay at home to prevent infecting others.

Candidates should notify their cohort leaders and supervisors immediately if they are ill, if their school is closed, or if they have been told not to report to their placement.

General Information

If you are concerned that you have been exposed or are showing symptoms of coronavirus, contact your healthcare provider. Anyone can call the SHAC Nurse Line with coronavirus related questions or concerns at 503-725-2515 or the 24/7 Nurse Advice Line (after hours) at 844-224-3145.

Lastly, it’s more important than ever that PSU comes together as a united campus community and stand against discriminatory behavior. National origin has no bearing on how likely someone is to contract the coronavirus. If you witness or experience a bias incident or discrimination, contact Global Diversity and Inclusion.

If you have questions regarding the Coronavirus and the COE, please don't hesitate to contact us at