The Impact of Support for the College of Education

"Getting to this point in my educational career has been difficult, but this is the next step to me completing my goal... Without you, my dream does not take this necessary step to become a reality."

—Jayme Causey, GTEP student and Renaissance Foundation Scholarship recipient


The PSU College of Education (COE) is the largest and most comprehensive school of education in Oregon, preparing more teachers, counselors and school leaders for licensure than any other institution in the state. The majority of COE graduates go on to work in schools in the Portland metro area or within Oregon state. A gift to the COE scholarship fund impacts not just aspiring educators and counselors, but also the many children and adults they will reach throughout their careers. 

PSU graduate student loan debt averages $36,000. Many excellent students wish to become teachers in their communities; however, with an average starting teacher salary of approximately $45,000, the debt to income ratio for those who wish to teach in Oregon preK–12 classrooms becomes a huge roadblock to entering and staying in the teaching profession. 

The cost of education—due to decreasing state support—and the resulting loan debt that students incur makes private philanthropic support for our students critical in achieving our public education mission. Scholarships are the key to unlocking the door to opportunity.


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