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Education Abroad - International Affairs

A rare Oregonian, I was born in Portland, and grew up just south in the burbs, dreaming of traveling to distant shores, collecting penpals from around the globe like my older brother collected baseball cards. I first traveled abroad to southern Germany in highschool as part of the German Amercian Partnership Program, and my love for experiencing other cultures has only flourished since. I spent my junior year abroad in Freiburg, Germany, then completed a year as a Fulbright Fellow studying intercultural public relations in Salzburg, Austria.  Not ready to "get on with real life" I then taught English for a year at two schools in Vienna, Austria.  Needless to say, my German was confusing - native speakers thought I was born speaking German, but couldn't figure out where, as I have an ear for picking up local dialects and vocabulary, somewhat accidentally. 

After living abroad, I completed my Masters in Multicultural Communication from DePaul University in Chicago - the first place I had ever experienced homesickness in my life!  (Midwest winters are something else!! As are the summers, for that matter!)  While in Chicago, I started working in the field of International Education (outside of working as a Peer Advisor at my alma mater at Pacific Lutheran University), for one of the leading providers of study abroad programming.  After nearly 7 years, a job in the field opened up back in Portland, and I have been here ever since, venturing out when possible, but loving returning home to Portland.

I have been working at PSU since 2012, and I love working with both faculty and students to see the world through fresh eyes.  

When I'm not working, I enjoy running, boot camp, camping with my family, and laughing at the antics of my young daughter.

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