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Meet Education Abroad Peer Advisor Fantini Hernandez
Meet Education Abroad Peer Advisor Fantini Hernandez

Fantini Hernandez is an undergraduate junior majoring in Business Management and Leadership and minoring in Arabic and Japanese. After graduation from PSU, Fantini plans on completing a Master's degree in International Management. 

As a transfer student from Chemeketa Community College in Salem, Oregon, Fantini was excited to join the PSU community.  During her time at Chemeketa, Fantini had the opportunity to study a semester abroad in Nishinomiya, Japan. While in Japan, Fantini had many moments which caused her to get outside of her comfort zone and experience a lifestyle and culture which was so different than her own.

Fantini studied Japanese for two years at Chemeketa so she was able to use her language skills to talk to native speakers and make new friends. When she had free time, she traveled to many different cities in Japan such as Nara, Himeji and Kyoto to visit the historic temples and shrines that make Japan so unique. At the same time, she was able to experience the bustling city of Tokyo and see its enchanting skyscrapers and trendy street fashion. She even had the chance to go to Okinawa!   

For the remainder of Fantini's education at PSU, she plans on applying for another study abroad program - possibly  in Amman, Jordan or in Tokyo, Japan in hopes of improving her Arabic or Japanese language skills and at the same time experiencing a whole new culture!