Funding Your Abroad Experience

Funding your experience abroad is much like developing your financial plan for attending the university and may even include MORE options! One of the biggest myths about studying abroad is affordability, you CAN afford to study abroad! It may take a bit of planning and coordination, but it is entirely possible. Most students use a combination of the following resources:

  • Federal Financial Aid - Federal aid packages are awarded based on the submission of a complete FAFSA form, to learn more please consult
  • Scholarships & Grants - There are many types of scholarships & grants available including federal, state, institutional, etc. The idea is to think outside of the box and explore all options. It never hurts to ask!
  • G.I. Bill - As a veteran, you have additional resources. The key is understanding your chapter and how it may or may not apply to your study abroad program. To learn more, we recommend you start my consulting PSU's Veteran Services.
  • Personal Fundraising - This is one of the most overlooked and underutilized possibilities for funding an abroad experience. There are a ton of great resources and recommendations on how to do this (simply search the web), the key is finding something you are comfortable with and utilizing your strengths as well as your networks! Check out FundMyTravel or Project Travel in order to get started with crowdfunding.
  • Private & Federal Loans - Personal and Federal loans are often students last resort, but may be your only option and that is okay. Your goal should be to make an educated decision on the cost/value of your experience abroad and choose the program that best meets your goals within your budget.

To get started, we recommend you visit the "First Steps: Building your Funding Plan" section of our website. Also, check out Diversity Abroad's "You Can Afford to Study Abroad: A Guide to Study Abroad Financial Aid."