FAQs - While Abroad

Q: Why does my transcript currently indicate that I am enrolled in INTL 399, SPST: Study Abroad courses, on a pass/no pass basis? I thought that I was earning grades for these courses, and that I would earn other credits besides just INTL credits.
A: You are enrolled in INTL 399 placeholder courses while you are abroad on your program and typically for a short while after you return from your program. Once your course equivalency process is complete at PSU and your transcript has arrived at the Education Abroad Office, the INTL placeholder courses will be dropped and replaced with PSU course numbers (based on equivalency approval) for the courses you took while on your program. You will receive letter grades for each class you took while you studied abroad.

Q: I have attempted to log into the PSU information system, and now it says that my account is locked and that I need to have my pin reset. How do I make this happen?
A: You have probably entered in an incorrect pin number and you need to have your pin reset. You should call the PSU Registration Office at 503.725.3412, and ask for your pin to be reset (you will need to answer your security questions). If you cannot call the Registration Office, you can email admissions@pdx.edu (in the subject line specify pin reset). In the body of the email, explain that you are overseas and cannot physically come to PSU, and because of this you will need to have your pin reset via email request. Include your ID number, current address which is on file with PSU, and your date of birth in the body of the email. Someone will then be able to reset your pin and give you the new pin via email.

Q: When can I register for the next term back at PSU?
A: Information about registering for classes at PSU.