FAQs - General

Q: When do most students study abroad?
A: Students may study abroad during their sophomore, junior, or senior year. At PSU, many students study abroad during their junior or senior years.  Additionally, students in their freshman year are able to participate in the Carpe Diem programs. You should work with your academic advisor to plan the best time for your study abroad experience.

Q: Is it possible to do my internship overseas?
A: Yes. Junior, senior and graduate students may complete an international internship through IE3. See IE3’s website for details.

Q: How long can I study abroad?
A: Program lengths vary from 2 weeks to a full calendar year. Summer programs are also available lasting 2-8 weeks.

Q: Do I have to live with a host family?
A: Most programs offer at least two housing options. Options may include apartments, dormitories, or host families. Some programs offer only one option. See each program page for housing options.

Q: I’m a post-bac or graduate student. Can I still study abroad?
A: Yes.  PSU offers many short-term programs, which are developed by PSU faculty and often times designed for graduate level or post-bac students.  Please search our website to find information on these programs.  Additionally, you can consider an international internship where you may earn graduate level credit. See IE3 for details.

Q: Can I take dependents with me?
A: Some programs do allow students to bring dependents. We have had students take a child or family with them but it does take advance planning and a sound financial plan in order to make this possible.  Check with your study abroad advisor for more information. 

Q: Can older students still study abroad?
A: Yes. Non-traditional students often participate in study abroad programs.  At PSU, we have many students who consider themselves to be non-traditionally aged participate in study abroad. 

Q: What if I have dietary restrictions? Can I still study abroad?
A: Yes. Be sure to clearly note any dietary restrictions on your pre-departure forms and on your application. On-site coordinators will then be aware of your needs and can help you prepare for the experience and assist you with any necessary accommodations.

Q: Will Four Years Free cover tuition and fees for study abroad?
A: No. Four Years Free covers only base tuition and fees which does not include studying abroad. If a student chooses to study abroad while enrolled in Four Years Free they may be able to retain the award for other academic terms by continuously meeting all eligibility requirements, but time spent abroad will count against the 12 continuous terms that Four Years Free covers.