FAQs - Finances

Q: Are scholarships available for study abroad programs?
A: Yes. Some of your PSU or other local scholarships may be used for study abroad programs.  Other scholarships are specifically designed for study abroad students. See our scholarship page for specific details.

Q: Will studying abroad cost more than staying in Portland and attending PSU?
A: Costs vary depending on the unique characteristics of each program. Check program sites for cost details. For accurate comparison be sure to include all costs of living in Portland (housing, utilities, insurance, food, etc.). 

You may be surprised to find that in some instances, studying abroad can be even more affordable than attending PSU in Portland.  In many cases, studying abroad can be comparable to what you currently pay to attend PSU.

Q: Can I pay my program bill with a credit card?
A: Yes. You may pay with a credit card online, the same way you would pay a tuition bill if you were still at PSU.  To learn more about paying your fees online, click here.

Q: Can I pay my program bill in monthly installments?
A: Yes. However, you will be charged interest and late fees.  Each term’s bill should be paid in full before the next term’s installment is due to avoid problems with registration for the following quarter.  Additionally, your bill should be paid in full so that you can receive your PSU financial aid in a timely manner.

Q: I have a PSU-based scholarship. Can I use it for my program?
A: Yes. The only scholarship that is NOT applicable to your study abroad program is WUE (however the WUE scholarship does allow students to be charged in-state resident fees on IE3 programs and can also be applied to most PSU Direct Exchange Programs).

Q: Can I use my financial aid to study abroad?
A: Yes, as long as you are participating in a PSU-approved study abroad program you are able to use your financial aid (including grants & loans) for your study abroad program expenses.

Q: How does Financial Aid work with study abroad programs?
A: The answer is found at this page: financial-aid-resources

Q: How do I pay for my study abroad experience?
A: You pay for your study abroad experience the same way you pay your bills for study at PSU. For most programs, PSU receives a bill from the university or program provider for your program fee. PSU then bills your student account for the program fee, plus the $400 study abroad fee per term (which is billed as a separate line item on your account) and then pays the bill for your program.  If you need help financing your study abroad experience, speak with your financial aid advisor about funding options, or see the scholarships section of our website.  You may also want to engage in fundraising for your study abroad experience.  Websites like Project Travel or Go Fund Me can help you get started in fundraising.

Q: How does my Financial Aid work with my study abroad program payment?
A: Once you are accepted into a study abroad program, your Education Abroad Advisor will send a budget to the Financial Aid office detailing the expenses of your study abroad program. This will act as an amendment to your FAFSA form. Sometimes your financial aid package will increase due to your higher program expenses, but this is not always the case. Check with your Financial Aid advisor if you have questions about this.

In paying for your program, your financial aid will work the same way it does when you are studying at PSU. The Education Abroad office will bill your account for your program fee and PSU's $350 study abroad fee, your financial aid will be disbursed into your account at the beginning of each term, and if there is money left over it will be accessible to you in the form of a refund.

Your Education Abroad Advisor will divide your program costs up so that you’re charged at the beginning of each PSU term. If you go on a program for the spring semester, your program fee will be divided in two and charged to your account at the beginning of winter and spring terms. In this manner, your financial aid will go toward the program fee each term you’re abroad.

Q: Is it possible to make a payment plan with PSU so that I can pay my account balance in monthly installments?
A: Yes, you may pay in monthly installments, if you prefer dividing up your bill. However, be aware that you will be charged interest and late fees and that each term’s bill should be paid in full (or very close to it) before the next term’s installment is due.

Q: Will Four Years Free cover tuition and fees for study abroad?
A: No. Four Years Free covers only base tuition and fees which does not include studying abroad. If a student chooses to study abroad while enrolled in Four Years Free they may be able to retain the award for other academic terms by continuously meeting all eligibility requirements, but time spent abroad will count against the 12 continuous terms that Four Years Free covers.