Education Abroad for Sociology Majors

Sociology students are highly encouraged to study abroad. Participating in a study abroad is an ideal way to add a global perspective to your Sociology major through first-hand experience living and studying in another country and culture. Studying abroad can also help you to understand the discipline of sociology more deeply, and to analyze social structures and inequalities through a global lens.


“MY INTERACTIONS WITH MY PROFESSORS, host family, and friends in Mexico deepened my sociological imagination. I found myself being able to contextualize my experiences and interactions during my time abroad on a global level. More importantly this experience has made it easier to interact and understand different cultures and societies.

- Sarah E Przybylo, Querétaro, Mexico


Review the resources here to first explore how an international experience can fit into your degree plan. It is important to work with your Sociology Undergraduate Coordinator (Kris Lucht Adams, and your Education Abroad advisor early on in the application process to make sure that you are choosing the best program to fit your goals and meet major requirements.

Why Study Abroad?

When you step out of a familiar environment and engage with another society, where cultural, political, and academic perspectives differ from the U.S., it can greatly enhance your sociological perspective by placing domestic issues and experiences within an international context.  It helps participants negotiate differences, listen to and learn from new viewpoints, and adapt to unfamiliar situations.  The changed perspective students gain from studying abroad helps make them better informed global citizens, and they are often more competitive for employment, fellowships, and graduate school.


Course  title Education abroad eligibility
SOC 200
Introduction to Sociology
Approved for Education Abroad
SOC 301
Foundations of Sociology I
Either SOC 301 OR 302 may be taken on education abroad, but not both
SOC 302
Foundations of Sociology II
SOC 397
Social Research Methods
Not eligible for Education Abroad
SOC 397L
Social Research methods (Required Lab to be taken in conjunction with 397)
Not eligible for Education Abroad
SOC 398
Social Research Project
Not eligible for Education Abroad
STAT 243
SOC 399
Introduction to Probability and Statistics
SPST: Social Statistics 
(note: this class fulfills the STAT 243 requirement for Sociology majors ONLY)

Not eligible for Education Abroad

Sociology electives:
28 elective credits total required for major,
including at least 12 credits in 400-level courses (see Sociology advisor for a list of approved 400-level courses)

Earn 4 elective credits (SOC 407) in Borneo over spring break in 2021!


Education Abroad Credit Limit Toward Sociology Major

Students earning a BA/BS in Sociology may apply up to 24 credits from any PSU-approved study abroad program towards their Sociology major. The table below specifies which major requirements can be met through education abroad.  

Courses Must Be Taken For A Grade

Education Abroad courses used for the Sociology major must be taken for a grade (A-F) unless that option is not available.

Which Education Abroad Programs Work Well for Sociology Majors?

The programs listed below are recommended because they offer the largest number and range of courses relevant to Sociology majors.


Ready to Get Started?

1. Attend or watch an Ed Abroad 101 Session.
2. Meet with an Ed Abroad Advisor.

3. Meet with your Sociology Advisor to make sure you understand the requirements needed to graduate.





PDF iconClick here to download the Education Abroad for Sociology Majors advising sheet. 



  1. CIEE India: Art and Sciences Program in Hyderabad
  2. IE3 Global Japan: Tokyo, Waseda University - (Click here for the summer option)
  3. IE3 Global South Korea: Seoul, Yonsei University - (Click here for the summer option)
  4. PSU Faculty-Led Malaysia: Borneo - Environmental & Cultural Sustainability
  5. USAC India: Sociology, Service Learning, and Indian Cultural Studies in Bangalore


    1. CIEE South Africa: Cape Town Study Center - Arts & Sciences
    2. CIEE South Africa: Study Abroad, Cape Town - Service Learning
    3. CIEE Senegal: Development Studies Program in Dakar, Senegal
    4. SIT Study Abroad Kenya: Urbanization, Health, and Human Rights in Mombassa
    5. USAC Ghana: University of Ghana Undergraduate and Graduate Courses in Accra
    6. USAC South Africa: Stellenbosch University Undergraduate


    1. CIEE Argentina: Liberal Arts Program in Buenos Aires
    2. CIEE Brazil: Liberal Arts Program in Rio de Janeiro
    3. CIEE Chile: Liberal Arts Program in Santiago
    4. CIEE Dominican Republic: Liberal Arts Program in Santo Domingo
    5. IE3 Global Ecuador: Quito, Universidad San Fransisco de Quito
    6. IE3 Global Mexico: Puebla, Universidad de las American, Mexico
    7. IFSA-Butler Costa Rica: Universidad Nacional, Heredia, Costa Rica
    8. USAC Brazil: Brazilian Culture Studies, Global Economy, and Natural Resource Management in Florianopolis


    1. PSU Direct Enroll Turkey: Istanbul, Bogazici University
    2. PSU Exchange Egypt: Cairo, American University in Cairo


    1. CIEE England: Arts and Humanities Program in London, Goldsmiths
    2. CIEE Spain: Advanced Liberal Arts Program in Seville
    3. CIEE Spain: Liberal Arts Program in Madrid
    4. CIEE Russia: Russian Area Studies, St. Petersburg
    5. DIS Denmark: Study Abroad in Copenhagen
    6. IE3 Global Germany: Baden-Wurttemberg
    7. IFSA-Butler England: London School of Economics and Political Science
    8. IFSA-Butler Scotland: University of Edinburgh
    9. IFSA-Butler Scotland: University of Glasgow
    10. USAC Czech Republic: Politics, Culture and Art Studies in Prague
    11. USAC Norway: University of Oslo Undergraduate and Graduate Courses


    1. IFSA-Butler New Zealand: University of Auckland
    2. IFSA-Butler New Zealand: University of Otago, Dunedin
    3. IE3 Global Australia: Melbourne, Deakin University
    Don't see a program that works for you? Click here to search through the complete list of PSU Education Abroad options.