Education Abroad for Political Science Majors

“MY EXPERIENCE STUDYING ABROAD made me more politically aware. It made me take my political science knowledge and apply it to understanding real-life events happening around me."

- Jessica Miller, Political Science Major

For Political Science majors, studying abroad is an excellent way to get valuable experience, set your resume apart, and fulfill degree requirements. Review the resources here to first help explore how an international experience could fit into your degree plan. Then, connect with your CUPA Undergraduate Advisor and your Education Abroad advisor to ensure you're choosing the best program to fit your goals. Your Education Abroad advisor can also help you explore ways to use financial aid, scholarships, and grants to finance your travel!

Can I Afford to Study Abroad? 

Yes, you can!

Receiving FAFSA? All subsidized & unsubsidized Stafford Loans will automatically work on your study abroad program!

Veteran? Use your Veterans Benefits to help cover the cost of your program fee!

Pell Grant Recipient? Not only can you use your Pell Grant, but you are also eligible for the Gilman Scholarship, worth up to $5,000!

Need Scholarships? The PSU Ed Abroad office offers scholarship workshops every term and has a multitude of resources online for students on a budget. Come meet with us so we can talk about awards ranging from $500 - $10,000.

What Programs Work Well For Political Science Majors?

The programs below not only offer a wide variety of political science courses, but also may offer courses to fulfill general education requirements, minor, certificate, or political science elective credit.

Ready to Get Started?

1. Attend or watch an Ed Abroad 101 Session.
2. Meet with an Ed Abroad Advisor.

3. Meet with your CUPA Advisor to make sure you understand the requirements needed to graduate.




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Need a Specific Political Science Course?

The programs below are pre-approved for specific courses, however, this is not an exclusive list, rather its is a list of courses students have already earned abroad. There may be other programs that offer the credit you need, just meet with an Ed Abroad advisor to learn more. 

Course Title

Featured programs offering this course

PS 101

United States Government

  1. PSU Exchange South Korea: Seoul, Hanyang University
PS 102 United States Politics
  1. CIEE Arts and Sciences Program in Dublin, Ireland
PS 204 Comparative Politics
  1. CIEE: Arts and Sciences Program in London, England - University College London
  2. PSU Exchange South Korea: Seoul, Hanyang University
PS 205 International Politics
  1. PSU Exchange South Korea: Seoul, Hanyang University 
  2. Semester at Sea
  3. USAC Australia: Griffith University Undergraduate Courses in Gold Coast or Brisbane
PS 353 Introduction to Latin American Politics
  1. IFSA- Universidad Nacional, Costa Rica
PS 354 Introduction to Asian Politics
  1. IE3 Global Germany: Baden-Wuerttemberg
PS 355 Introduction to African Politics
  1. CIEE Development Studies Program in Dakar, Senegal
PS 361 Introduction to Politics of the Middle East
  1. CIEE Arabic Language Program in Amman, Jordan
  2. PSU Exchange Egypt: Cairo, American University in Cairo (AUC)
PS 419 Contemporary Political Protest in America
  1. PSU Exchange South Korea: Seoul, Hanyang University
PS 425 Women & the Law
  1. DIS - Study Abroad in Copenhagen, Denmark
PS 448 International Law
  1. Semester at Sea
PS 454 International Political Economy
  1. USAC Norway: the University of Oslo Undergraduate and Graduate Courses