Education Abroad for Judaic Studies Majors

Judaic Studies majors are highly encouraged to study abroad. Participating in study abroad is an ideal way to add a global perspective to your Judaic Studies major through first-hand experience living and studying in another country and culture. Studying abroad can also help accelerate learning the Hebrew language by being able to use it inside and outside of the classroom. 

“I learned the Hebrew I needed to graduate and was able to take classes that interested me during my time abroad in Israel. I made connections that will be of value to me even after I leave Haifa. I made friends both in Israel and from other countries as well as was exposed to entirely different thought processes than my own. I've made friends with Israelis, both Jewish and Arab and they helped me with my Hebrew. I went camping in the wilderness and that was awesome!"

- Tanya Huyard, Judaic Studies major.  Program: PSU Direct Enroll Israel: Haifa, University of Haifa

Review the resources here to first help decide how an international experience can fit into your degree plan. It is important to work with your Judaic Studies Department and an Education Abroad advisor early on in the application process to make sure that you are choosing the best program to fit your goals and meet major requirements.

Why Study Abroad?

When you step out of a familiar environment and engage with another society, where cultural, political, and academic perspectives differ from the U.S., it can greatly enhance your perspective by placing domestic issues and experiences within an international context.  It helps participants negotiate differences, listen to and learn from new viewpoints, and adapt to unfamiliar situations.  The changed perspective students gain from studying abroad helps make them better informed global citizens, and they are often more competitive for employment, fellowships, and graduate school.

Can I Afford to Study Abroad? 

Yes, you can!

Receiving FAFSA? All subsidized & Unsubsidized Stafford Loans will automatically work on your study abroad program!

Veteran? Use your Veterans Benefits to help cover the cost of your program fee!

Pell Grant Recipient? Not only can you use your Pell Grant, but you are also eligible for the Gilman Scholarship, worth up to $5,000!

Need Scholarships? The PSU Ed Abroad office offers scholarship workshops every term and has a multitude of resources online for students on a budget. Come meet with us so we can talk about awards ranging from $500 - $10,000.

Which Education Abroad Programs Work Well for Judaic Studies Majors?

The programs listed below are recommended because they offer the largest number and range of courses relevant to Judaic Studies majors.

Ready to Get Started?

1. Attend or watch an Ed Abroad 101 Session.

2. Meet with an Ed Abroad Advisor.

3. Meet with the Judaic Studies Department to make sure you understand the requirements needed to graduate.


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