Ed Abroad 101

The first step for every study abroad applicant is to attend an Ed Abroad 101 session.

Ed Abroad 101 is a drop-in session designed to introduce you to the basics of international education opportunities at PSU. Alternatively, you can complete the virtual session by watching the below video. The session covers:

  1. Who the Education Abroad team is, and what services we provide you (and what we don't);
  2. How to navigate through the VikingsAbroad website to learn more about the options available to you;
  3. How to choose a program that is academically relevant, personally fulfilling, and financially feasible;
  4. How your financial aid can apply, and additional funding opportunities (we host separate sessions dedicated just to funding your international experience too!); and 
  5. How to use the VikingsAbroad application portal to start your program application.

By the end of this session, students will be ready to create an Advising Profile in the VikingsAbroad system and will have completed their initial advising requirement. They will then be directed on next steps in the Education Abroad process.

Please note: During breaks between academic terms, Ed Abroad 101 is not offered. The sessions resume during week one of each term. We offer one in-person session per week during summer term. To view current dates and times please visit our events page.

Before you attend Ed Abroad 101, please read through the materials we've provided:

Can't attend an Ed Abroad 101 session?