CIEE Grants and Scholarships

CIEE offers an automatic $2,000 scholarship to any PSU student applying to a CIEE program (for fall quarter or an academic year). PSU students also get $500 off CIEE summer programs and those who enroll in a summer session longer than four-weeks receive a 20% discount off each additional summer session.

If a student does two CIEE block programs (two CIEE bocks are equivalent to one PSU quarter), CIEE gives a $1,332 discount. For CIEE Open Campus Programs, students are elligible for a $2,700 grant (if remaining in one location) or receive an automatic $4,000 grant (if traveling to two or more locations). Learn more about CIEE Open Campus programs.

CIEE also offers additional scholarships for students who are accepted. Students may apply to several scholarships at once using CIEE’s online scholarship application. Scholarships include need and merit-based as well as discounts for CIEE alumni/siblings of alumni. Award amounts range $1,000 – $8,000. Learn more about available CIEE Scholarships here.