Beyond Education Abroad

Interested in working or going to graduate school overseas? If so, check out some of the links listed below which can help you get started in your search.

Doing an internship or volunteering abroad can be an excellent idea and can help you gain skills and experiences that can be added to your resume.

  • IE3 Internships - for-credit internships around the world
  • Cultural Vistas - fellowships, internships and more around the world
  • - one-stop internship information page
  • InterExchange - exchange program with a wide variety of program types
  • Work Abroad - guide to finding a job overseas 
  • BUNAC - working Adventures Worldwide
  • Going Global - country career guide that offers internship and employment resources around the world

If you want to go abroad for graduate school, you can check out some of the resources listed below. If you are a current PSU graduate student interested in going abroad, there are also quite a few PSU Faculty-Led programs that award graduate-level credit. Use the Advanced Search function in the VikingsAbroad Portal for more details on those programs.