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Advising Resources

You can...

Meet with us! 

We are happy to schedule one-on-one meetings with you, attend staff or department meetings, or visit classes, student clubs, or student meetings to share information about the more than 200 programs (link to program search) offered to PSU students, including the different types of programming that are offered, the best time to apply, the funding opportunities, common myths about studying abroad, insurance, safety, and re-entry challenges.  We are also interested in learning about any potential programs or international partnerships you might be interested in further developing to discuss how we can help.

To request a meeting, contact Alyse Collins, Assistant Director.

Partner with the Education Abroad Office

If you would like our assistance with programming, if you are open to distributing information to your students about upcoming events and opportunities, if you would like to keep up on our Facebook posts, please let us know! The more we can do together, the better we can serve PSU students by educating them on the opportunities available to them.

Advise students to attend...

Weekly Advising Sessions

Encourage students to attend an Education Abroad Information Session - a group meeting held on a weekly basis, where students learn more about education abroad programs, costs, processes, and are able to ask questions.  The date and location are listed on our website.

One-on-One Advising

If a student has more questions or wants help in finding an education abroad program, the student can make an appointment with an Education Abroad Advisor or one of the Peer Advisors.  Advisors are able to help students find and apply for a program, compare costs, apply for financial aid or scholarships, and receive academic credit.