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2018 Symposium on International Faculty-Led Programs

Friday, April 13th, 2018
University Place Hotel & Conference Center
Portland, Oregon


Join faculty, administrators, and providers to share best practices in the field of international faculty-led programming. The Symposium seeks to create engaging learning experiences for attendees while offering opportunities for collaboration and professional growth. 

We are currently accepting Session & Workshop Proposals for the 2018 Symposium!
Deadline to Submit: October 1, 2017

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Based on feedback from the 2017 Symposium, we are specifically interested in the following topics:

  • Using technology as a tool for faculty training
  • Tools to choose the right location for your program: are there some regions or areas lacking certain types of programming? What locations are oversaturated? What locations are up-and-coming hotspots for faculty-led programming?
  • Practical examples and guides to keeping programs affordable
  • Designing realistic programs
  • Exploring individual and group dynamics in international contexts
  • Facilitating reflection exercises across all types of faculty-led programs
  • Practical training sessions designed for new and returning faculty

Types of Proposals


  • Presentations, panels, or discussions
  • Often include breakout time for small group conversations
  • Primary Goals: discuss best practices, demonstrate examples of success or challenges, and share knowledge 
  • Generally between 60-90 minutes


  • Interactive demonstrations or seminars
  • Designed to give participants hands-on, applied practice 
  • Primary Goals: apply best practices, implement examples of success, and give participants the opportunity to walk away from the demonstration with tangible next steps to implement at their institutions
  • Generally between 90-120 minutes

Tips for Your Proposal

What makes a proposal successful?

  • Diverse points of view and multiple voices on the session topic: this can mean different institutions and organizations, and/or types of education abroad colleagues and partners, or contributors from outside the field of education abroad;
  • A plan for creating an interactive atmosphere that stimulates dialogue or small group discussions among attendees;
  • Ample time for comments and/or questions from the attendees;
  • A balance of theory and practice;
  • Concrete conclusions: sessions offering specific tips and tools, applications of theory, or lessons learned provide valuable ‘take-aways’ for colleagues;
  • Consideration for the different constituencies in education abroad;
  • Demonstrated professionalism, preparation, and personality.1

What doesn't work as well in a proposal?

  • Panels that focus on the accomplishments of only one institution, organization, or program;
  • Panels of more than 4 presenters;
  • Proposals lacking planned audience engagement and interaction;
  • Reading scholarly papers.1

Interested in presenting but need additional resources?  Would your session benefit from additional perspectives? 

Let us know and we can help you network with other participants. Based on feedback from previous sessions, attendees greatly prefer proposals with multiple perspectives and diverse participant panels. This includes having unique institutions (large, small, public, private) and unique perspectives (provider, administrator, faculty) represented on each proposal.

Faculty Engagement

Faculty need support to attend the Symposium on International Faculty-Led Programs. Those who have been able to attend in the past have reported that hearing from other faculty leaders was the most valuable aspect of the event & have indicated a desire for increased support and awareness about this opportunity. 

How can you encourage faculty engagement?

Have a conversation with faculty you work about how you can partner together for the Symposium, for example, submit a proposal with a faculty member or sponsor a faculty member to attend. Want more ideas? Talk with us here at PSU! We can connect you with resources and support your efforts to encourage faculty engagement.

Submit a Proposal | Register to Attend | View the 2017 Schedule

Questions? Contact Hannah Fischer at or 503-725-4030

1 - The Forum on Education Abroad "Training & Events / Annual Conference"