Economics Graduate Assistantships

About Department Graduate Assistantships

The Department of Economics offers several Graduate Assistantships each year. Graduate Assistants are paid according to University rates for the academic year. They also receive tuition remission each term (the amount to be determined by the College at the beginning of each academic year.

Graduate Assistants are required to successfully complete at least 9 credit hours each term toward a graduate (MA/MS) degree in Economics. They will work approximately 15 hours/week assisting faculty with teaching. Depending on qualifications, Graduate Assistants may be assigned to tutoring undergraduate courses, proctoring exams, advise undergraduate students, or staff the Econometrics Lab.

At the conclusion of each term, the Department Chair will review the performance of each Graduate Assistant to ensure that University and Department of Economics requirements for maintaining the assistantship have been fulfilled. Graduate Assistants are expected to:

  1. Complete a minimum of 9 credit hours of graduate coursework per term (this precludes incomplete courses, which will terminate the Graduate  Assistantship).
  2. Maintain a minimum 3.0 GPA, with no grades below B-.
  3. Satisfactorily perform all duties each term.

The appointment of Graduate Assistantships may be terminated at any time due to unsatisfactory performance.

For first year applicants applying for a Graduate Assistantship:

On the online application, please indicate that you are applying for a Graduate Assistantship.  You must upload a curriculum vitae or resume that includes a description of all relevant experience and qualifications. YOU MUST APPLY by February 1 to be considered for a Graduate Assistantship.  This is a priority deadline.  Applications received later will be considered if funding is available.

For second year Graduate Assistantship applicants:

An application in Google forms will be emailed to student interested in applying. Students need to complete and submit this through Google. You will need to indicate who the two faculty members are who are providing your recommendations. The form will be emailed to all graduate students.

A university-wide orientation for Graduate Assistants will be held in September followed by a department orientation for all graduate students. 


Teaching Assistant/Tutor/Lab Assistant: Several positions Available


Assist faculty with teaching. Provide tutoring for undergraduate students when needed. Advise undergraduate students regarding economic courses and major/minor requirements. Assist in the running of the Economics Lab and in maintaining the lab server. Assist faculty with grading homework, supervising exams, and with departmental projects as needed. Report to Department Chair.


All Graduate Assistants will receive pay according to University rates, as well as a tuition waiver, providing they complete a minimum of 9 credit hours at the graduate level applicable toward the MA/MS degree in Economics.

For more information including degree requirements, tuition and fees, and internships, please see our Graduate Handbook.