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Students Awards and Scholarships


Harold Goodhue Vatter Award -- This award honors the distinguished Harold Vatter who devoted a lifetime of scholarly teaching, research and writing in the field of economic history. The award is intended to recognize an undergraduate student who has demonstrated excellence in the field of economics and exemplifies the scholarly values of Professor Vatter, who taught in the PSU Economics Department until his death at 89 in 2000.

Carl Campbell Award  -- The Carl Campbell award honors another previous member of the PSU economics faculty. Professor Campbell, a mathematical economist and poet, taught at Carleton College, Whitman College, and the University of Massachusetts before coming to PSU in 1963. This award is intended to recognize an undergraduate student for distinguished achievement.

Linda Hamilton Award -- This award is intended to recognize a Masters student for distinguished achievement.

International Economic Graduate Scholarship -- Anonymously donated to the PSU Economics Department, this scholarship provides a research assistantship stipend for the first year the recipient is enrolled in the master's program. Additionally, the scholarship is supplemented by the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences with a tuition waiver.